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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jennifer Aniston To Split With Vince?

As if finding out that ex-hubbie, Brad Pitt, is expecting a baby with new love Angelina Jolie weren't bad enough - it seems that the news may have put a spanner in the works for Jen’s relationship with Vince.
It has been reported that Jen’s grief over the baby news has been so intense, that it is causing doubts for Vince.
A source told Star magazine: “There have been reports that they have been fighting. The fall out over Brad and Angelina has been a lot for them both to deal with.”
“Jen is obviously going through a very painful time and, although she is putting on a brave face in public, she’s feeling very fragile and more insecure than ever before.”
“Vince has been surprised by this. He thought that Jen was over Brad and has moved on. He can’t understand why she feels so upset and this has caused a real rift between them.”
The insider continued to the magazine: “Jen has a lot of needs right now and while Vince has helped cheer her up over the past few months, he may not be able to support her through this new crisis.”
Furthermore, Angelina’s baby is due around June – meaning that the baby was possibly conceived before Brad and Jen had even finalised their divorce.
The source confirmed: “While Jen’s mourning the end of her marriage, Brad is off having his first child. It doesn’t get any more gutting than that.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Annan to 'consider' Pitt for UN role

Hollywood heart-throb Brad Pitt is being considered as a future United Nations goodwill ambassador by Secretary General Kofi Annan.The Fight Club star began carrying out high profile charity work with girlfriend Angelina Jolie - who is already a United Nations High Commission for Refugees goodwill ambassador - last year.During a visit to earthquake-ravaged Pakistan last month, Pitt donated 40 orthopaedic beds to a hospital in Islamabad.Annan says: "I will consider it and I will let him know..."

Kevin Federline: "Don't Call Me K-Fed!!"

Kevin Federline wants to be taken seriously as an MC-and he does not want to be called "K-Fed."
Federline, who first caught the public's eye when he married
Britney Spears, has made a point of letting journalists know that he is not a fan of the moniker, one way or another.
On Thursday (January 12), briefly interviewed Federline about
"PopoZão," his debut single, and forthcoming untitled album. After the interviewer called Federline "K-Fed" several times, the Fresno, California native had apparently had enough.
"I don't like K-Fed," said Federline when asked what artists he didn't like.
"Why don't you like K-Fed?" replied the interviewer. Federline's response... a telephone dial tone. [Listen to Podcast:
Kevin Federline: Don't Call Me K-Fed"]
Related Items Podcast: Kevin Federline: "Don't Call Me K-Fed"
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Produced by Disco D (
50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way"), "PopoZão" was released exclusively through Yahoo! Music Unlimited on January 1 and now can be downloaded via Federline's website.
Kevin Federline's debut album is due out this summer.
[To listen to's exclusive interview with Kevin Federline, click here.]

Pitt's Personality Change......Friends say "The old Brad is back"

(Jan 17) -- Sources who interact frequently with Brad Pitt tell TMZ that the star has regained his sense of humor and is "fun" to be around, like he was before he married Jennifer Aniston.
For now, Pitt and Angelina Jolie are joyfully sharing the house in Malibu that he bought last year for $9 million. We're told the floors are riddled with kids toys and there are fingerprints on the walls as high as 30 inches from the base. Visitors often see "food all over the floor." Jolie's two kids live with the couple; Brad is in the process of adopting them.
Click here to read about the adoption
The couple uses the tented tennis court to store toys, motorcycles and gym equipment. One source said it's turned into "a playground for kids."
The prior owner completely renovated the property, but that didn't stop Brad from putting his own touches on the place. A fanatic about home improvement, Brad ripped off the roof and installed crazy-sophisticated lighting. We're told Angelina "couldn't care less" about home improvement because her focus is solely on the kids.
But it's not all paradise for the couple. For starters, we're told paparazzi are taking kayaks out into the ocean and training their lenses on the couple's home, which is all glass and completely exposed. As one source puts it, there is "zero privacy" and it's creating problems.
In addition, the house seems too small for the growing brood. Currently, there's a master bedroom, another bedroom which Brad uses as his office, a third bedroom which Angelina uses as an office, and a very small fourth bedroom. With two kids and another on the way, the quarters seem too cramped.
TMZ has learned that Brad and Angelina will definitely move into the Hollywood Hills home that Brad has owned for more than five years. It's a rustic, craftsman home with incredible grounds. We're told Aniston "hated" the house and refused to move in. Brad did what one source called some "mickey mouse remodeling" and then just left it alone.
When he separated from Aniston, Brad decided to go to town, ripping out the improvements he made and "doing it right." The house has undergone extensive remodeling under Brad's watchful eye. It is "kid friendly" and spectacular, with a waterfall cascading into the pool on one end and another waterfall cascading down the hillside at the other end.
Brad owns most of the contiguous property, except for a ballroom on the grounds. The man who owns the ballroom is ill, and Brad has the right of first refusal to purchase it when it goes on the market.
The word in Brad's circle is that "the old Brad is back." One source frequently around the actor put it this way: "Jen had him so boxed in, he was no fun. He used to go with workers to Home Depot and smash tiles on the floor and laugh." The source says Jen stripped Brad of his humor, but it's now resurfaced with a vengeance.

Watch all of your favorite Celebs at the Golden Globe's After Party

EXCLUSIVE! Elisha Cuthbert goes shopping in Hollywood, California 2006-01-17

EXCLUSIVE! Jessica Simpson in Beverly Hills, California 2006-01-17

EXCLUSIVE! Jessica Simpson with friend Casey Cobb out n about shopping and eating in the Mexicali bar in Beverly Hills, California 2006-01-17

Nicole Richie at Jamba juice with friends 1/16

Lourdes Banned From Harry Potter Auditions

Madonna apparently banned 9 year old daughter, Lourdes, from trying out for the part of Luna Lovegood for the new Harry Potter epic.
Lourdes was desperate to join the thousands of girls jostling to get the chance to play the trainee witch, after film chiefs issued an open call for a new star.
An insider told the Daily Star: “Lola printed off all the information and showed it to her mum. She’s convinced she’s got the otherworldly qualities Warner Brothers are looking for.”
"But Madonna pointed out they're looking for girls aged between 13 and 16, so she is much too young."
The source added: "Lola had a massive sulk and complained that producers would overlook her age because she looks and acts much older than her-years."
Hmm, does anyone sense the birth of a new diva?

Tom Cruise’s ‘Unique’ Birthday Gift To Katie

It has just been revealed what lucky, lucky Katie Holmes received for her 27th birthday from short-arsed lover Tom Cruise. Wait for it – it’s a bit special…
A DVD collection with every movie he’s ever starred in!!
What a beautiful, selfless and thoughtful gift.
And according to the Daily Express: “Each was inscribed with a special handwritten love message to the future mother of his child.”
Rumour has it that Katie’s going to get her revenge by giving Tom every single episode of Dawson’s Creek . Oh and Teaching Miss Tingle. The poor, tiny bastard.

Tommy Lee’s New Love

Pamela Anderson’s ex-beau, Tommy lee, has reportedly found new love with 20-year-old Stefani Morgan, who is contracted to US porn giants, the aptly named Vivid Video.
The loved up couple met at an Adult Video News Awards after-party and have been seeing each other eve since.
A chum of Stefani’s told the New York Post: ‘They’ve been seeing a lot of each other.’
Tommy who was once linked with porn megastar Jenna Jameson has refused to confirm that he is dating Morgan and continues to drink Absinth like it’s Um Bongo and frequent strip clubs.

Twins for Oscar Winner Holly Hunter

Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter, 47, and her partner, actor Gordon MacDonald, are seeing double: The couple has welcomed twins. "She had the babies," the star's publicist tells PEOPLE. "They are happy and healthy." No other details were immediately available. These are the first children for The Piano star and the British actor. Hunter, who is one of seven children herself, voiced the role of the mother Helen Parr (also known as Elastigirl) in 2004's animated movie smash The Incredibles. Besides winning the Oscar in 1993 for The Piano, she also received Academy Award nominations for her roles in Broadcast News, The Firm and Thirteen.Hunter has been married once – to cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (Munich, Saving Private Ryan). Wed in 1995, they divorced six years later. The Georgia-born actress and MacDonald, who appeared in The Thin Red Line, met in November 2004 while costarring in the London West End production of playwright Dominic Cooke's By the Bog of Cats, in which she played a woman abandoned by her lover of 14 years, played by MacDonald. Up next for Hunter: She has signed on to appear with her former Broadcast News costar William Hurt in the film Downloading Nancy.


BAD boy singer Bobby Brown (left, with Whiteny) told a group of women that he and wife Whitney Houston are divorcing.
Bobby, 36, was chatting them up backstage at a show by all-girl group SWV in Connecticut.
A witness claimed: "While flirting with a bunch of women, they asked, 'What's up with your wife?'.
"Bobby said, 'We ain't together no more. We're getting a divorce'."
Brown and Houston's 14-year marriage has been rumoured to be in trouble for years. Brown has been in jail over drink driving and in 2003 he was accused of beating Houston, 42, after she called police. She later dropped the charges.
Despite their troubles they have just been named among the 10 Hottest Couples by Ebony magazine.


VICTORIA Beckham is planning to write a children's book, she revealed in an interview yesterday.
The former Spice Girl, 31, who once famously admitted she'd never read a book, told an Italian newspaper about her literary ambition.
When asked about her future projects she replied: "I am going to become a designer, shortly my first women's line is going to come out.
"People love dressing like me so why not profit from it? Then I am going to do a children's line and a book for them as well."
She did not give any more details.
Her husband David, 30, was recently named an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of British Books after My Side became the fastest-selling biography of 2004.


SCARLETT Johansson got a touch more than she bargained for at the Golden Globe awards.
The busty actress was groped on live TV by gay fashion designer and red-carpet interviewer Isaac Mizrahi.
He decided to help 22-year-old Scarlett adjust a low cut red dress that really didn't need adjusting.
"I wanna know about the underwear you've got on," said the camp TV presenter.
Scarlett replied: "Not much."
He said: "Not much, except there's something going on underneath"...before diving in for an outrageous fondle.
Cupping her left breast in one hand and a microphone in the other, Mizrahi added: "I just wanna feel it. Ooh, ooh, oh, I just love that."
Finally Scarlett screamed: "What's going on?" Mizrahi said innocently: "I'm just taking notes."
Scarlett - pipped by British star Rachel Weisz for best supporting actress at the LA do - laughed off the uncomfortable moment by joking: "Take all the notes you want."
Earlier the Channel E! interviewer poked a finger down startled Teri Hatcher's cleavage as he pretended to search for her acceptance speech.
He also insulted Sarah Jessica Parker by asking: "How much of your hair is real?"
And he told flame-haired Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross: "You know who loves redheads? - My dog."

EXCLUSIVE: Moss's new bloke makes frantic calls to his ex

Since she first clapped eyes on Jamie Burke - on Richard Branson's Caribbean island, Necker - 32-year-old Kate wasted no time getting her claws into the wannabe musician.
Problem is, when they finally became an item, Jamie, 20, hadn't finished with his girlfriend of two years, who was back home in their shared apartment in New York.
The first that 24-year-old model Jessie Leonard heard about her boyfriend's holiday fling with an international supermodel was when she read about it in the newspapers. She was devastated when pictures were published of Jamie kissing Kate during a New Year skiing trip in Colorado.
Now she has fled home to her parents in Australia, where she has gone into hiding and is refusing to talk to Jamie or any of his pals.
"We thought they were going to get married, but now he's gone off with Kate Moss - we can hardly believe it," a member of Jessie's family told us yesterday. "He's just a wannabe rock star who did a couple of modelling jobs and his head got too big.
"We flew her home to Australia because she didn't want to be in New York or in London," says our insider.
"Jessie has been whisked off to a secret location in the far north of Queensland, where she's staying with her mum until the furore dies down. Jamie keeps trying to ring her to try and sort things out, but she's having none of it. "Most of their mutual friends also think he's treated Jessie badly and are giving him a hard time."
And it seems that Jamie himself might be regretting his high-profile romance.
"He loved all the attention, but now he's feeling the backlash - suddenly it's not all fun and games any more," says another source.
3am recently revealed that on Necker Jamie was unaware that Kate, recently in rehab after the Mirror caught her taking cocaine, was making a move on him. In response to her advances he just chatted about Jessie. But she lured him into bed in Colorado and they have since been seen dining out in New York.
That is also where Kate is rumoured to have celebrated her 32nd birthday last weekend. Not wanting to be around people who might be doing drugs, she cancelled plans for a wild party and opted for a low-key dinner instead.

Crowe to Be Dad Again

HOLLYWOOD - Actor Russell Crowe confirmed reports his wife Danielle Spencer is expecting their second child, at a concert on Saturday January 14. The Gladiator star, 41, and singer/actress Spencer, 35, already have a two-year-old son Charles and have been married for just under three years. Reports emerged last month that Spencer was pregnant again, with the couple's publicist refusing to confirm or deny the rumors. However, now Spencer has passed her first trimester, delighted daddy Crowe was proud to share the news with 500 fans at his band's The Ordinary Fear Of God gig at the Coffs Hotel in Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. The new addition to the family is expected in July.

Phoenix Loses Pocket Money Bet to Phillippe

HOLLYWOOD - Joaquin Phoenix had to pay up $220 to pal Ryan Phillippe after claiming the best actor prize at the Golden Globes last night, because he lost a bet with the Crash star. Phoenix was stunned when he claimed the award for his portrayal of country icon Johnny Cash in biopic Walk The Line, and won and lost at the same time after Phillippe reminded him of a bet they had. Phillippe, who is married to Phoenix's Walk The Line co-star Reese Witherspoon insisted Phoenix would take home the big prize. The actor says, "He (Phillippe) bet me that I would win and I said, 'No way.' I bet him whatever I had in my pocket, which was $220."

Hilton and Friends Have Secret Codes to Ditch Unwanted Attention

HOLLYWOOD - Socialite Paris Hilton and her friends have come up with secret signals to help each other escape when they're trapped talking to less than desirable lotharios. They have developed a special language to bail them out of situations when would-be suitors come on too strong. The party-girl says, "My friends and I have code words and phrases that we use when we need help. If I say to them, 'Tiffany is crying!' then they know to jump in. That's one we use a lot. And then we run away." Hilton admits she doesn't always get to talk to the most desirable people at parties she attends. She adds, "They're usually older guys, who try to talk to you, or women who look like they've had a lot of plastic surgery. They are to be avoided at all costs."


He loved her. He left her. But Adam Goldstein hasn't stopped caring about ex-fiancée Nicole Richie. And now that Nicole needs a true friend, Goldstein (a.k.a. DJ AM) is there for her. In fact, Star has learned that at a Miami Beach New Year's party they'd committed to hosting when they were still a couple, Adam made a desperate attempt to persuade his rail-thin ex to stop her partying ways. "He just can't sit back and watch her waste away," says a source. "It's killing him to watch Nicole selfdestruct."Adam's rescue mission began, sources say, right after the two — who broke off their engagement on Dec. 7 — arrived at the trendy Mansion nightclub around 11:15 p.m. Seated with a few friends, they chatted until after midnight. "Adam told Nicole that she's a beautiful, talented woman, but that she needs to get her priorities straight," the source says. "Nicole's friends have pleaded with Adam to ask Nicole outright what's wrong with her. They've asked him to stage an intervention about her health. They know he's the only one, aside from her father [singer Lionel Richie], Nicole will listen to."


Rebecca Romijn and actor Jerry O'Connell are planning their wedding — and it looks like they might have found a neighborhood they'd like to call home as well! Rebecca, who plays a high strung TV reporter on the upcoming WB show, Pepper Dennis, says of her expected marriage to the Crossing Jordan star: "It's sometime this year." Although she'll give no details on her wedding plans, she says it probably won't be a huge affair. Meanwhile, however, are she and Jerry already looking for a cool place to live together after they wed? Rebecca confides, "I'm obsessed with a beautiful part of Los Angeles that Jerry and I discovered called Angelino Heights. [There's] a street called Carroll Street with these beautiful Victorians. We were floored by it." Rebecca is coy about whether she and Jerry might be happy together in their own Victorian house, saying only, "we just checked out this neighborhood. We like to go exploring."She's not shy about gushing about Jerry. "I'm in love. I'm on cloud nine. We have a lot of similarities. Both of our mothers were public school teachers. My dad and his dad were both artists. Everybody gets along very well." Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If you like funny shizznit then you'll like this spoof!


Elisabeth ShueElisabeth Shue has reportedly dropped out of her new film, Number 23, because she is pregnant with her third child. The Oscar nominee, 42, and her husband, Davis Guggenheim, already have an eight-year-old son, Miles, and a four-year-old daughter, Stella.


The best actress nominee for History of Violence shows off her sun-kissed skin in a white Elie Saab gown with a cascading skirt.


Her album The Emancipation of Mimi is a hit, but Carey's too-tight, too-revealing halter gown is a miss.


The best actress nominee (for The Family Stone) pairs an elegant choker with a floor-sweeping Rochas gown.


Witherspoon, who took a best actress trophy for Walk the Line, sticks with her winning formula: full-skirted and flirty (in Chanel).


She plays a vampire in Underworld: Evolution, but Beckinsale looks entirely angelic in delicate, snow-white lace Christian Dior.


Hatcher, a best actress nominee for her klutzy Housewife Susan Mayer, is the picture of poise in glittering Versace.


The Sideways star is in danger of going over the top – literally – in a light blue gown with a plunging neckline.


With her V for Vendetta buzz cut grown into a cute pixie do, Portman channels Audrey Hepburn in vintage Chanel.


Huffman, nominated for playing both a woman (in Desperate Housewives) and a man (in Transamerica, for which she won best actress), is 100 percent feminine in empire-waisted Marchesa.


The Brokeback Mountain actress gets back to her Princess roots in shimmering navy Marc Jacobs.


Knightley, up for best actress for Pride & Prejudice, looks regal in a sleek column by Valentino and vintage Cartier earrings.


The Stacked star looks relatively demure – but her gown's sling-like top fails to flatter her famous figure.


She earned a Globe for her supporting role in Grey's Anatomy, but Oh's diaphanous, petal-pink gown was already a winner.


Desperate Housewife and best-actress nominee Longoria upstages the red carpet in a vibrant crimson gown by Bob Mackie.


The best actress nominee (for North Country) mixes dainty and sexy in a lacy confection by John Galliano for Dior.