Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Actor Nick Nolte completes drug charge probation

Actor Nick Nolte on Wednesday successfully completed three years' probation imposed for driving under the influence of drugs, a judge in the Southern California beach enclave of Malibu ruled.
Nolte, 64, was arrested in Malibu in September 2002 after police spotted him driving erratically along the winding coast road. Dazed and drooling, he failed a sobriety test and three days later checked into a rehab center for three weeks.
He later pleaded no contest to driving under the influence of the banned "date rape" drug GHB which also acts as a sleeping aide and mood enhancer.
Nolte has appeared in more than 40 movies including "Prince of Tides," "Cape Fear" and "The Deep," and has admitted having an alcohol and drugs problem stemming back 20 years.


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