Thursday, January 05, 2006

Angelina Jolie Phones Jennifer Aniston: ‘I’m Pregnant’

Angelina Jolie reportedly is now phoning Jennifer Aniston according to a report that aired on Fox News on Wednesday. The topic of their conversation according to a guest on the Big Story with John Gibson was that Angelina allegedly told Jen, “I’m pregnant.”
Angie Now Calling Jen?
Jen was reportedly shocked and in tears when she received the phone call.
The guest on the show went on to tell Gibson that one of the reasons that Angie called Jen was ‘Karma' and the puffy-lipped vixen waned to clear the air by telling Brad Pitt’s ex the news of her pregnancy.
Yea-that should do it.
Gibson named the guest, but I didn’t catch it, but I believe it was a Life & Style reporter.
I can only guess this will be the tabloid’s lead story this week and it should be a fun read.
We will update later when we find a Tivo of the show, or the interns grab the tabloid.
It was actually a pretty good segment as Gibson had some fun with it, calling Jolie ‘the most beautiful woman in he world’ and showing his amazement at the gall of Jolie calling Jen with such big news.


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