Thursday, January 12, 2006


"Angelina is my daughter and I am always wishing her the best," actor Jon Voight told Star in a statement.A source added, "Jon is hoping that Angie's pregnancy will finally soften her heart and help them reconcile. They've been out of contact for four years now and it breaks his heart. Jon has the utmost respect for Brad and he adores Angie. His greatest wish is to have her back in his life again." Yesterday Pitt's publicist confirmed the baby news after Jolie was overheard saying she was pregnant to a charity aid worker in the Dominican Republic. The baby is due this summer. The news comes one month after papers were filed to make Pitt the adoptive father of her two children, Maddox and Zahara.Star suspected Angelina was pregnant after the Oscar winner was photographed wearing baggy clothes. After years of wearing small tops and skinny jeans, the 30-year-old mom recently begun wearing oversize frocks and knits, leading many to wonder if she was trying to cover up a little Brangelina bun in her oven. There's little doubt that Hollywood's hottest nuclear family will welcome the bundle of joy to their Malibu, Calif., home. Pitt, 42, has gushed about his desire for kids, telling Diane Sawyer last year, "Kids, family, I'm thinking family. I got family on the mind."


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