Friday, January 06, 2006

Aniston left Pitt company because it grew too big

Jennifer Aniston decided to leave the film production company she started with husband Brad Pitt, because it grew too rapidly for her liking.The former golden couple started up Plan B with producer Brad Grey, which has gone on to produce big-budget blockbusters Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an upcoming Jesse James movie starring Pitt as the infamous outlaw cowboy.When Aniston and Pitt divorced last year, the former Friends star decided to discontinue her business relationship with Plan B.She explains: "Me and Brad did have a little company before that sort of changed. I've removed myself from that. I just took a couple of projects from it that I love. It kind of got bigger."It grew ten heads and became this huge thing, which is wonderful. It took on an amazing life really fast, but I kind of sat back and thought about it deeply, and asked myself if it was something that I was interested in being a part of."


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