Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Brad and son Maddox Father-son day!

Forget the usual Hollywood hot spots. These days, if you're Brad Pitt, the place to be is out with his adopted- son-to-be, Maddox Jolie, at Oxnard, Calif.'s hippest joint: the Sports Chalet. The actor – dressed low-key in a gray hooded sweatshirt and aviator shades – and the Mohawk-topped 4-year-old were spotted at the sporting goods store (sans Angelina) looking "comfortable with each other" as they shopped for more than hour, says a store staffer. Among their purchases: two Super Soaker water pistols, for Maddox, and golf equipment, including two clubs that cost around $100, presumably for Brad. The nearly anonymous shopping spree was interrupted only when several female employees asked Pitt for autographs – which he graciously provided.


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