Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Britney Tops Worst-Dressed List

Britney Spears tops Mr. Blackwell's annual Worst-Dressed list for looking like "an over-the-hill Lolita."
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Britney Spears Over the Years Mary-Kate Olsen's dumpster chic lands her in second place.
Blackwell says it looks like Olsen needs bug spray instead of perfume.
Blackwell calls Jessica Simpson a "cut-rate Rapunzel slingin' hash in a Vegas diner." And he thinks Eva Longoria has "garish taste."
Mariah Carey is criticized for her skimpy outfits while Anna Nicole Smith is described as "Queen Kong in cheap lingerie."
Blackwell says Lindsay Lohan is "drowning in grown-up groaners" and Renee Zellweger looks like a "painted pumpkin on a pogo stick."
Last year, Mr. Blackwell dubbed "Desperate Housewife" Nicollette Sheridan the worst-dressed of 2004. For more on last year's list,
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