Sunday, January 08, 2006


Lost star Naveen Andrews has officially learned he is the father of a love child, The National Enquirer can reveal exclusively.A spokeswoman for the actor confirmed Friday morning that Naveen, 36, is the dad of a former girlfriend's child.Naveen, who is in a relationship with actress Barbara Hershey, took a DNA test to establish paternity.Naveen's publicist Teri Kane told The National Enquirer: "For a short period, Naveen Andrews and Barbara Hershey were quietly separated. During that time, Andrews had a sexual encounter with a woman. He has just learned that he is the biological father of her baby boy."Andrews has every intention of assuming appropriate responsibility for the child and proceeding with all intergrity in this matter."Hershey and Andrews have long since worked things out and remain committed to their relationship," Kane added.The National Enquirer learned that the child — named Naveen Joshua Andrews — was born on November 28 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.The baby's mother is pretty student Elena Eustache, who has alleged in the past that she had a intimate relationship with the British-born actor during which he regularly flew her to the Lost set in Hawaii for love-making sessions.When Elena announced she was six months pregnant following a year-long affair with Naveen, the actor denied those claims, branding her claims of an affair as "ridiculous."Naveen plays former Iraqi soldier Sayid in the hit ABC series.He has lived with Hershey, 57, ever since they met in 1999 while filming Downing on Dry Land. But Czech-born Elena, 30, says that she began dating Naveen after they met at a New York bar.Elena claims Naveen told her that his relationship with Hershey was over, but when Elena told him earlier this year that she had fallen pregnant, she claims he cut off all contact. The actor's name was posted on the birth certificate and Naveen was served with paternity papers while filming in Hawaii. Jerry Castello, manager for Elena, told The National Enquirer that after the papers were filed Naveen had 30 days to provide a DNA test or otherwise he would have been held in contempt of court under California law. Naveen, who moved to the US from London in 1998 after starring in a string of raunchy TV shows, has a tainted love life.As a 16-year-old boy he bedded his married school teacher, who gave birth to his son Jaisal, now 13.


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