Friday, January 13, 2006

From High Class to Jackass

(Jan. 13) -- Nicole Richie and Steve-O definitely seem to be a couple now.
TMZ caught them late last night chowing down at a Taco Bell in Hollywood.
Nicole Richie, chowing down?! Yeah, that's what we said.
Click here to see Steve-O ordering for "his baby," Nicole
Is the endless love of Lionel Richie's life, is his daughter Nicole, best-selling author and social butterfly daughter Nicole, going up in smoke?
TMZ cameras have been seeing less and less of the notorious socialite ever since the break-up of her engagement with DJ AM last month. But now she's clearly having a good time with the clown prince of the LA club scene.
Thank goodness that Taco Bell is keeping Nicole nourished.
Amid the success of her new novel, 'The Truth About Diamonds,' (currently #27 on the New York Times Fiction Bestsellers list), a new and more svelte Richie has kept tongues wagging and tabloids tabbing about the doe-eyed beauty's health state.


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