Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jude Law is told to "stay away"!

IF there are two people who ought to have a New Year's resolution to spend more quality time together, it's Jude Law and Sienna Miller.
But with a tempestuous 2005 thankfully over for the couple, 2006 hasn't got off to the best start.
Producers on 24-year-old Sienna's latest film, Factory Girl, have banned boyfriend Jude from visiting her on set.
The actress's bosses have told her they don't want any media attention while they're filming in Shreveport, Louisiana - and they're worried a visit from the Alfie star will break her concentration for the role.
In Factory Girl, Sienna plays pop artist Andy Warhol's heroin-addict girlfriend Edie Sedgwick. She started researching the role in New York before Christmas, and has told friends she's determined to prove herself with this movie.
"There has already been so much attention put on this film because of Sienna's involvement. The producers want her to concentrate on her acting - not spending time working on her relationship with Jude," says a movie insider.

"It's a small, independent movie, so no one can take any risks. They've already changed the schedule to make sure they could cast Sienna - they don't want anything to go wrong.
"She's an ambitious and hard-working girl, so she's unlikely to rebel against their wishes."
Louisiana can't be Sienna's favourite place. It's the state where Jude cheated on her with his children's nanny while he was filming All The King's Men in New Orleans in February last year.
When the story broke, the couple split and Sienna retaliated with a brief affair with new James Bond Daniel Craig. Jude and Sienna have since tried to spend time together to work things out, but fate seems to be conspiring against them.
They didn't even see each other over Christmas, with Jude holidaying with ex-wife Sadie Frost and their children while Sienna remained with her family in New York.


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