Friday, January 13, 2006

Kenny & Renee Spotted Together

Kenny Chesney and his ex-wife Renee Zellweger were seen together recently in a sandwich shop near Nashville, Tennessee.
But don't read too much into the Friday sighting; they have no plans to remarry, said Chesney publicist Holly Gleason.
Kenny & Renee "They're friends," Gleason said. "The media made so much more out of everything that the public has no clarity about any of it. And that's the tragedy. They're two nice people who don't choose to live in public."
Zellweger, 36, and Chesney, 37, wed in a small ceremony on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands in May.
It was the first marriage for both of them, and it lasted about four months. The union was annulled by the Los Angeles Superior Court in December.
While music star spottings are old hat in Nashville, movie stars are something else. Steamer's Sub Shop owner Aaron Lefkowitz is still a little rattled by Zellweger's appearance.
"I saw 'Cinderella Man,' like, 10 hours before she walked in my store," he said. "We'd just rented it. Then I recognized her voice. It was weird."
Even weirder may be Zellweger's order: a Philadelphia cheesesteak -- without the cheese.


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