Wednesday, January 11, 2006


YES Paris Holton has been cought again, staring in another sex tape STEAMY Paris Hilton is bracing herself for a second sex video scandal,.Stills and clips of her bonking ex-lover Nick Carter, the former Backstreet Boy, were on a laptop that vanished in the recent break-in at her Hollywood home, she has told pals.Police are now claiming a duplicate key was used— with the intruder damaging a wire screen to make it look like a forced entry.They say as well as the tapes, hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen in cash and jewellery A source close to Paris, 23—whose taped romps with ex Rick Salomon are now public property—said the hotel heiress is "terrified of more exposure"."She's bracing herself for further embarrassment," said the source. "Nick and Paris loved making sex tapes." But Nick, 24, who split with Paris days before the break-in, says: "There are no sex tapes of me and Paris."Despite her "outrage" over the Salomon sex tape, millionairess Paris has profited handsomely from it after agreeing to share money from sales of it with her ex.
The tape showing the high-stepping Hiltie getting naughty with ex-boyfriends Nick Carter and Jason Shaw. Hilton is said to be shown "writhing in the back of a car as she is groped intimately" by former Backstreet Boy Carter. In another scene, Paris answers the the door buck naked — wearing only a "pore strip" across her nose — for Tommy Hilfiger model Shaw, tattles the tab.Elsewhere in the 11 minute video , Hilton reportedly puffs on a joint, chirping, "Paris Hilton, part two: How to roll a joint!"


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