Friday, January 13, 2006

Now why would the "stalkerazzi" do that?

JANUARY 13: Actor Heath Ledger (R) and his wife and co-star Michelle Williams get soaked by photographers with water pistols (rear) during the red carpet walk at the Sydney premiere of Brokeback Mountain at Cinema Paris on January 13, 2006 in Sydney, Australia.
Maybe this is why!........
Fiery Australian
actor HEATH LEDGER has vowed to keep his temper under control around reporters and snappers so he can live "a nice polite life" with his family.
The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star, whose girlfriend
MICHELLE WILLIAMS gave birth to their first child in October last year (05), has suffered tempestuous relations with the press in the past, because he finds their intrusion unbearable.
But in the run-up to the March (06)
Academy Awards, Ledger has promised to work hard to improve his media image.
He tells Australia's Daily Telegraph, "I'm learning to deal with it a bit better, I think I am.
"That's been my problem. It's not necessarily a tantrum thing but it's a really bad way in which I've handled myself in the past.
"I can admit it's a little out of line to pull the finger out and I'm trying not to do that anymore. I'm trying to bite my finger these days."
Ledger reportedly kicked a paparazzo in 2003 while being snapped exiting a Sydney restaurant.


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