Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pitt's Personality Change......Friends say "The old Brad is back"

(Jan 17) -- Sources who interact frequently with Brad Pitt tell TMZ that the star has regained his sense of humor and is "fun" to be around, like he was before he married Jennifer Aniston.
For now, Pitt and Angelina Jolie are joyfully sharing the house in Malibu that he bought last year for $9 million. We're told the floors are riddled with kids toys and there are fingerprints on the walls as high as 30 inches from the base. Visitors often see "food all over the floor." Jolie's two kids live with the couple; Brad is in the process of adopting them.
Click here to read about the adoption
The couple uses the tented tennis court to store toys, motorcycles and gym equipment. One source said it's turned into "a playground for kids."
The prior owner completely renovated the property, but that didn't stop Brad from putting his own touches on the place. A fanatic about home improvement, Brad ripped off the roof and installed crazy-sophisticated lighting. We're told Angelina "couldn't care less" about home improvement because her focus is solely on the kids.
But it's not all paradise for the couple. For starters, we're told paparazzi are taking kayaks out into the ocean and training their lenses on the couple's home, which is all glass and completely exposed. As one source puts it, there is "zero privacy" and it's creating problems.
In addition, the house seems too small for the growing brood. Currently, there's a master bedroom, another bedroom which Brad uses as his office, a third bedroom which Angelina uses as an office, and a very small fourth bedroom. With two kids and another on the way, the quarters seem too cramped.
TMZ has learned that Brad and Angelina will definitely move into the Hollywood Hills home that Brad has owned for more than five years. It's a rustic, craftsman home with incredible grounds. We're told Aniston "hated" the house and refused to move in. Brad did what one source called some "mickey mouse remodeling" and then just left it alone.
When he separated from Aniston, Brad decided to go to town, ripping out the improvements he made and "doing it right." The house has undergone extensive remodeling under Brad's watchful eye. It is "kid friendly" and spectacular, with a waterfall cascading into the pool on one end and another waterfall cascading down the hillside at the other end.
Brad owns most of the contiguous property, except for a ballroom on the grounds. The man who owns the ballroom is ill, and Brad has the right of first refusal to purchase it when it goes on the market.
The word in Brad's circle is that "the old Brad is back." One source frequently around the actor put it this way: "Jen had him so boxed in, he was no fun. He used to go with workers to Home Depot and smash tiles on the floor and laugh." The source says Jen stripped Brad of his humor, but it's now resurfaced with a vengeance.


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