Monday, January 09, 2006

Sheryl Crow Dismisses Fertility Stories

Though she admits "there's always a little bit of truth" in tabloid stories, Sheryl Crow is shooting down reports that "from the time I've known Lance (Armstrong) I've been going to fertility clinics, (and we) and actually got married in Portland about two years ago." The singer-songwriter aimed to set the record straight over the weekend, as she helped open the new Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Crow, 43, told reporters about the fertility rumor: "I can laugh about it, but in the privacy of my own home it grieves me, because those are such serious and personal topics that somebody would feel that they have a right to even write about it is grotesque. So what can you say? ... If I were going to a fertility clinic, I'm sure that I wouldn't be talking with you guys about it." The record-holding, seven-time Tour de France winner Armstrong, 34, proposed to Crow on Aug. 31, during a mountain-biking vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. As Crow described the moment to PEOPLE: "He rowed me out into the middle of a lake in the mountains and asked me to get married. It was very romantic." Before popping the question Armstrong first got the okay from his kids: Luke, 5, and twins Grace Elizabeth and Isabelle Rose, 3. (Armstrong split with their mother, the former Kristin Richard, in 2003, after five years of marriage. Before he began chemotherapy for testicular cancer, Lance banked sperm – which was used to conceive his children through in vitro fertilization.) Regarding her relationship with Armstrong's children, Crow, who used to teach youngsters and calls herself "totally kid-acclimated," said: "I have been in their life now for over 2 1/2 years ... for almost as long as they can remember, which is really nice for me. And, for them, there's nothing jarring about it. We have a great relationship ... and I have a good relationship with their mom." Noting that she, Armstrong and their mother "take raising them very seriously," Crow adds: "Our first concern is making sure that they feel comfortable with all of us, that they know that we just have their best interests at heart, and really I'm just one more person that's going to be in their lives that's going to love them." And, as for the actual wedding: "We're just now starting to plan it, and we're still shooting for next spring. But we're going to really keep it under wraps. We're not doing a huge big wedding. We just want it to be pretty much family." Will it be in her native Missouri, or his native Texas? "Actually," Crow says slyly, "neither."


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