Saturday, January 07, 2006

Stars and their Cars

LA's annual Auto Show gives us common folk a glimpse into the world of the rich and famous -- the people who can afford cars which are more expensive most of our homes. Some celebs just have to have this year's $1.3 million Bugatti. The B-listers who can't afford the Bugatti can still get some pretty hot wheels, such as the latest, tricked-out Range Rover, Mercedes, Lamborghini, or the Spyker… you know, the cheap-beater cars.
What would an auto show be without car enthusiast Jay Leno? The famed collector of more than 50 was on hand at the LA Convention Center for the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Miura, which could become the new ride Jay pimps. Leno's car collection is well known in the auto industry and every manufacturer we spoke with boasted that the 'Tonight Show' host was checking out (or already owned!) their rides.
Click here to see Leno at the LA Auto Show
The show-stealer was undisputedly the $1.3 million dollar Bugatti Veyron 16.4. The Bugatti has a 16-cylinder engine, comparable to a jet, that can rocket up to 250 miles an hour. It's so expensive, we couldn't confirm that a single celebrity has plunked down the cash - at least so far. The Bugatti boasts a Quad-Turbocharged engine with 1,001 horsepower, however, for more than a mil it better not only fly, but clean your room and walk the dog (it goes without saying that it will get you laid).
Click here to see the Bugatti
The "It" car in Hollywood right now is the Range Rover Supercharged Turbo. Owners include Jessica and Ashley Simpson, David Caruso, Kim Bassinger, The Game, Dr. Phil and Stevie Wonder. This sporty off-road vehicle (which in most cases, never leaves paved streets) goes for $89,950 and up. The Supercharged Turbo has positioned itself as the most complete luxury SUV in the world, supported by a V8 engine. So if you want to look like a true movie star, buying this car would be a good start -- then all you'll need is paparazzi chasing after you.
Click here to see the Range Rover Supecharged Turbo
The Mercedes-made Maybach is an A-class celebrity magnet; its unbelievable list of options could attract any high roller. Some extreme owners include Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Donald Trump. Upgraded perks for this mansion on wheels consist of electric sliding fabric curtains, a refrigerator in the rear, retracting folding rear tables, a solar module for a solar powered cabin ventilation system, and a built-in humidor. If the Maybach is the car for you, simply sign the check for $330,000 dollars and it's all yours.
Click here to see the Maybach
The well-known Lamborghini ($400,000 dollars and up) remains a status symbol with its legendary up-swinging doors, providing incredible speed for some of the richest people in Hollywood. Missy Elliott, Shaq, Rod Stewart, Nicholas Cage and Kobe Bryant are among the best-known Lamborghini owners. This car is so fast that Missy could go from 0-to-100 in 3.7 seconds -- now that's getting your freak on!
Click here to see the Lamborghini Miura
The more money the world's most popular Hip Hop stars accumulate, the more Cadillac Escalades are sold. Rapper Fat Joe gets the award for most over-the-top purchase of the decade after buying 30… yes, 30 Escalades for himself and his peeps. But 30 just won't do; he already has his order in for this next year's model. Other owners include 50 Cent and Travis Barker. The Escalade is the luxury vehicle blowing up in the urban community, finding its way into new songs and music videos. Escalades come with seating for eight of your closest friends and it sits on 22-inch wheels to ensure everyone on the road knows who's boss.
Click here to see the Cadillac Escalade
Last, but certainly not the cheapest, is the Spyker, which has a cameo in Sharon Stone's hotly-anticipated next movie, 'Basic Instinct 2.' The Spyker is a car that could make James Bond smile. It can fly past cops at a top speed of around 200 mph and is outfitted with more chrome then a Harley dealership. This car is so hot, Busta Rhymes had to buy two, and Jennifer Lopez thought it would be a romantic gift for husband Marc Anthony. The low-riding, futuristic-looking car has vertical lifting doors, also known as lambo doors, and a floating gear shift.
Click here to see the Spyker
Now that you know the hottest and most exclusive cars in the world, you can start saving up your money. Save wisely, and often.


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