Friday, January 13, 2006

Update on Drake

Boy I feel like I have been gone forever! This has been a New Opening Year to remember! Ok first thought I had, maybe some of you had it too. Drake was the one hit, I think that is a first? He had just gotten into the left lane to turn (about 20 miles an hour) the driver that hit him somehow got into his lane and hit him head on at about 40 miles an hour (not certain) Drake and the passenger said it just happened so fast the details are vague. The Driver is an older man, everyone else was banged up Drake got the real hit. Drake is home now, the surgery went very well. He has about 10 weeks of recovery with his mouth wire shut.....he is alive........he should not be...........the bone in his neck was a hair line will heal. He is in pain, but is getting such loving care from so many people. I came home to get some clothes and spend an evening with my husband. I will go back and take him to the doctors tomorrow, I will keep you posted. Drake does not have a working computer (such a drag)! Thank you for your prayers